View an important update from our World Service chairperson, Rudi Edel. Here, Rudi shares exciting news of an upcoming service trip to the Oglala Lakota Reservation in South Dakota.
Greetings everyone,

As stated at last week's Rotary meeting, the next trip to the Oglala Lakota Reservation in South Dakota, US is July 19-27, 2019. Our date range on the Reservation is July 20th-26th (the other 2 days are travel days for those of us who drive).
I just received confirmation that I have 15 beds reserved (and I already filled 5 beds with people taking the advanced cultural immersion class) so I have 10 beds left to fill. If the response is large between Rotary and students, I will reserve  another 15 beds for a later date before school starts again.
Costs will be around  $700-725 total with the Club assisting club members plus students at a level to be determined by the World Service Committee at a later date.
If you are interested in this next trip, please contact me via email ASAP.  Email

Best regards,
Rudi Edel
World Service Committee